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The storm is coming, The storm is coming in..
I hope you find the will to follow throughh.. 
18th-Feb-2008 11:50 am
OC time of our lives
Thankk god the weekend is here.. and luckily we have off on Monday. I mean we only had two days back from the "snow" days, but I still needed the weekend pronto. Friday went by pretty slow at school but oh well. Then I didn't have to work so I went to the Calvert Hall/Loyola basketball game with Natalie and Jess. It was a pretty close game but Loyola ended up winning.. Then we just like drove around and went random places and then ended up going back to Natalie's and some other people came over. It was fun though.. Saturday I didn't really do much and then yesterday I went to Columbia mall with Grace and Veronica and then we went to the driving range with her dad and siblings. Let me tell you how good I was at that haha.. oh god.. I mean, it could have been a lot worse though, so whatever. I ended up spending the night at Grace's and we didn't really do much but it was fun. Today I need to really finish my Futures book before work and I'm kinda tired since Grace made me wake up at like 8 haha. I'll definitley be getting coffee before I go to work. School is going to suck but at least it's only a four day week! And the senior retreat is happening so we probably won't be doing much in classes since like almost half the senior class with be gone or something like that. Alrightt I'm gonna go readd..
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