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The storm is coming, The storm is coming in..
Connecting the tide to the sand that was dryy.. 
9th-Mar-2008 04:14 pm
The spring weather makes me more reflective than anything else in the world... for a lot of reasons that I don't feel like going through but I love it (usually). It reallyy makes me think of the end of the school year, and so does Field Day.
For some reason, I'm really content right now. There is one thing that I'm very discontent about but I can't control that, and time will fix that, but other than that one thing, I'm actually pretty happy with a lot of things. That's a huge accomplishment for me generally too.
Today I opened, it's the first time in a while that I haven't close of worked later on a Sunday and I feel like I have the rest of the dayy and it's really nice! Daylight savings completely made me disoriented too. I thought it was 8:30 and my mom was like uhh don't you have to work at 10 and I was like yeah why and she was like it's almost 10! I had no clue daylight savings was even anywhere near now, it's usually in April! So I rushed around and got to work at 10, but BECCA WAS LATE TOO! (haha just kidding, it's okay!) but daylight savings screwed us both up and it was annoying.
I have a ridiculous amount of work though. Not much due tomorrow, but a ton due Tuesday and I have to work tomorrow night so I really need to do it all tonight.
Friday we went to Body Works 2 for a Bio field trip. It was really hard to grasp the concept that they were real bodies so I don't think it had as strong as an effect on me that it should have, but it was still good. Then we saw an IMAX movie and ate in the Inner Harbor. In the sense of missing classes though it was worthless because I just missed Free, and sociology.. I had the beginning of statistics (I'm really frustrated with that class right now), and we come back to have all of Bio! (as if we hadn't had enough Bio for the day), but we just watched a movie so it was all good. Then Friday night Veronica and I went to Grace's to see her dog! She's really cute.. We went to the Orient and just hung out and it was fun. Last night I had to work.. which I was really unhappy about but it really wasn't that bad so whatever. I got fourty-dollars stolen from my wallet though in the back. It was kind of my fault cause we have lockers and I didn't use it, but I've never had a problem before and I trust everyone that works there. I know for a fact it wasn't anyone that was working so someone must have went back there when we weren't looking cause it was so busy it would have been hard to notice. Ugh it sucks but oh well, there's nothing I can do about it.
Oh and I've been admitted in all four of my safety schools with scholarships to three so far. Now come the harderish ones...
We shall seee.
P.S. Field Day is actually going very well! Our class has FINALLY found it's unifying thread (the hatred for the class of '09, and a love for disney!) And we have a secret weapon..
Anyway, I'm going to go to Borders I think and try and get a hardcore amount of homework done since I have so much.. laterr
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