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The storm is coming, The storm is coming in..
You better hope you're not aloneee... 
14th-Mar-2008 11:42 pm
OC time of our lives
So let me tell you about my day.
I'm innocently online, I randomly checked my mercy email out of boredom and of course there was nothing. Then like 20 minutes later (because if you know me, you know i'm an OCD email checker), I looked, once again out of boredom.
There was an email from Virginia Tech saying that the decisions have been made and I could check online now, and I would be recieving it in the mail april 1st. Uhh check online now?? As soon as I read that my heart started pounding and I started shaking.
I had never been more afraid in my entire life..
Well, after my three hour freak out fest, I finally ended up checking on my labtop in the panera parking lot (don't ask), and of course, the page took forever to load.
Then I it said something about my major on the first page that was different from the normal log in, and I had to click my name to see my status. Everything looked exactly the same as before, and I scrolled down a bit and all I saw in blue writing was "Congratulations, you have been offered admission...." or something like that and was in complete disbelief. I have never been more happy in my life. I have had more anxiety, fear, stress, hope, and everything in between for the past 8 months, and now it has all ended. I'm still in disbelief, it feels so surreal, but i'm so excited now. I'm into my first choice school and I'm sooo happy. I'm so excited to tell my cousins, and for accepted students day at the beginning of April! Hopefully my mom will let me order some stuff from the online bookstore tomorrow....
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