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The storm is coming, The storm is coming in..
So i'm proposing a swift, orderlyy changee... 
11th-May-2008 01:44 pm
Of course I'm getting into one of my reflective little moods where I can't decide whether I'm content or discontent or what. I need to stop thinking so much.. seriously. It just never stopss. And you would think it would be about high school ending but it's probably everything but that. We have five days left of classes left which is five too many, and then exams. Ms. McGinty is a stupid whore and is making Noel and I take the regular exam, even though we took the AP. The only not that bad thing about it is that I have it the same day I have Bio, so she's not really taking a day off away from me that I would have had otherwise. But i'm still a little angry. Oh well though, there's nothing I can do. It's her form of vengance since she's mad that we took it. I can't tell how I did on it. There was a decent amount of stuff on it that I didn't know but when I took practice tests, I got everything that I did know right. But then again I never do as well on the real thing as I do on practice tests. French was ehhh. Literally French is one of the hardest AP's you can take.. I didn't feel that badly about it, like I thought a 3 wasn't that crazy of a thought until I got to the speaking ha. I couldn't concentrate of what I was saying at all cause I could hear Sarah talking too. I would have done much better if I just had silence but oh well. Neither of them affect my grade and if I didn't do well on them it really doesn't matter.
Anyway, of course i'm really excited for classes to end and to be done with school because I'm so done with school, obviously. I'm so excited to just lay around and be worthless. I have a ridiculous list of books I want to read and then a few other tasks I want to do. And i'm so excited for orientation and just to be at VT. Words in no way can express how excited I am for fall. There are two things bothering me about it but I'll have to get over both of them, and everything else is exciting so I guess that overpowers the two things.
And I wish some of my teachers would stop trying to go full speed with 5 days left. I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are in now way going to be able to teach us 18 chapters with 2 or 3 days of classes left.
Oh and I think that Borders has become my favorite place ever. I can be in the worst mood every and I just go to Borders and I feel so much better. Whether i'm stressed out, just discontent about other things.. I don't know why.
I think part of my discontentment comes from just like being here. There are like five people that I actually enjoy hanging out with, there's rarely anything to do, I feel like I have next to nothing in common with other people, and ugh I don't know. I need college now. And I think it's safe to say that once college ends, I'm not coming back to Maryland too ha.
And now I think I may attempt homework since I have to work at 3. I've literally been at the mall like everyday for at least the past week or two. It's pathetic ha. Not all of those times are for working but still. Oh well.. I actually don't mind working a lot these days since school is worthless.. not to mention I need money for various things. Okay I'm done rambling now.
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